Integrative Medicine Our clinic is one of the truly integrative medicine clinics in Northern California – we connect all modern methods of the Western medicine with ancient knowledge of Eastern medicine. Here we do not regard one medicine over another – we join them in a best possible blend. Although all of scientists agree that people are unique, not all physicians accept individualized approach – mostly because it is easier and faster to put every patient through the same protocol and give everyone same prescription. We rebel against 5 min appointments and “One for all” treatments – that is why our patients recover and do not need medications to stay healthy.

We treat multiple diseases and clinical syndromes that are considered chronic by Western medicine, but easily curable with integrative medicine approach.

Using old-fashion manual and symptomatic diagnostics we avoid radioactive and invasive me thods such as barium swallow, cxr, CT scans, and scoping procedures in majority of patients. We use iris diagnostics and traditional Chinese  pulse and energy  diagnosis.

integrative medicineWe treat environmental allergy starting from fixing problems in the house and then offering sublingual drops and immunotherapy joined with acupuncture and herbalistics. Most of the rashes can be eliminated within one week without use of steroids – natural approaches of integrative medicine work miracles. Most of food allergies can be eliminating by combining individual diet based on likes and dislikes of every patient.

Diet selection can be done by Chineese dietology, European or Western approach. We spend time talking about nutrition and exercise, educating patients and reducing stress – we treasure our time and would not waist it on paperwork – our office is equipped with state of the art modern paperless technology, portable cutting-edge technology.

integrative medicineWe believe that most of the healing can be achieved if our patients become their own doctors – we learn our patient’s habits, lifestyle, daily routines, explain their diseases and symptoms, teach them to use herbs and integrative medicines, and then give them only treatment they can and willing to do.

Modern world provides us with many convenient inventions, unfortunately the same inventions can cause immune imbalance, lead to early aging and unbalanced life with chronic fatigue and stress.

integrative medicine In our clinic we restore integrity of immune system, which in turn eliminates multiple health issues and makes people feel and look younger. We also treat infertility which we believe in many cases is a result of immune imbalance – we are proud of many healthy babies born naturally after 2-3 failed IVF cycles.

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