Our Institute provides comprehensive evaluation and restorative treatment for chronic and acute health conditions. A unique blend of Eastern and Western medicine gives you the best chance for recovery and getting your life back – without medicines and doctor’s visits. Instant diagnostics proven for centuries in Chinese medicine is supported by modern tests and technologies.

We treat multiple diseases and clinical syndromes that are considered chronic by Western medicine, but easily curable with integrative medicine approach.

Using old-fashion manual and symptomatic diagnostics we avoid whenever possible radioactive and invasive procedures such as barium swallow, CT scans, and endoscopic procedures in majority of patients.

Sublingual immunotherapy – fast and safe alternative to Allergy Shots:allergy or flu

  • Similar to homeopathy while based on science
  • Preferred allergy treatment method in Europe
  • Treats allergy to grasses and trees, pets, dust mites
  • Literally – no serious side effects
  • Boosts immune system and helps fighting colds
  • Allows to live symptom=free and med-free
  • Treatment is done at home – no doctors visits or needles
  • Preferred treatment for everyone in outdoor sports

Self-healing. We believe that most of the healing can be achieved if our patients become their own healers:

  • We teach our patients self-control and mind-over-body techniques
  • Use of herbs at home in simple and safe way
  • Recognition of good natural companies producing supplements
  • No meds methods of preventing flu and all viruses
  • Prevention of cancer, which is easies than treatment




Modern world provides us with many convenient inventions, unfortunately the same inventions can cause immune imbalance, lead to early aging and unbalanced life with chronic fatigue and stress.

  • integrative medicineWe restore integrity of immune system, which in turn eliminates multiple health issues and makes people feel and look younger.
  • We return ability to conceive and carry healthy pregnancies.  We are proud of many healthy babies born naturally, even when  IVF therapies failed.
  • We restore joints and pain-free movement without surgery or stem cell therapy.

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