Meet Our Team


Dr Nataliya Kushnir received her medical degree with Honors from the European Medical School (Russia) in 1994. She continued her studies and medical research at Stanford. Later she confirmed her degree of the Medical Doctor in the US and completed Residency training by 2002… MORE


Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture, energy balancing and herbal treatments are an essential part of our integrative treatment. Meet our wonderful Frisel Lou who is adored by our patients and staff. Even her smile has healing powers! A native of the Philippines, she always had passion for mind and body healing… MORE

Reboot Your Immune System Naturally
Most people rely on medications to relieve their reactions and symptoms rather than treating the source. We believe allergy is a broken immune overreaction that can be rebooted naturally.


Athletic Trainer
Nataliya has a lifelong love of sports and athletics. She received her education at top European sport academy – Russian State University of Physical Education and Sport (Moskow). She has studied all aspects of physical training, and has extensive hands on experience in the field. She gets great satisfaction when working with motivated individuals… MORE