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Chronic Fatigue

chronic-fatigueChronic fatigue – is a symptom of systemic dysfunction. It can be treated if the main underlying problem is identified.
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allergyAllergy is NOT a disease – it is the symptom of hyperactive immune system which mistakenly attacks normal proteins. We believe allergy can be gone if immune system is rebooted correctly.


hivesHives are the red flag of the immune system – it shows that immune system is at war with something in your body. Visit us and our doctor will treat your existing conditions.

Immune Cells

immune-cellsMany functions of the body are under control of the immune. Upset immune cells frequently attack normal body tissues

Chronic Diseases

chronic-diseasesChronic diseases start because some underlying issue was not addressed. It can be changed.
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Hyperactive Immune System

Hyperactive immune system can cause multiple symptoms: migraines, sleep problems, poor memory, back ache, arthritis, rashes and indigestion. Read more...


healthy-eatingFood is essential to keep us going, but are you sure that what you are eating is not slowing you down?
Our certified Nutrition Consultant can help.

Food Intolerance

consultantFood intolerance can cause leaky gut, chronic fatigue and pains.
Our experienced specialists offer extensive dietary consultations. Contact us.


Immunotherapy is the only treatment that will provide years (possibly life-long) relief of allergy without medications.


Dr. Kushnir is hands down the best! She listened to everything I had to say, and was very thorough with her exam and diagnosis of the issues I had at the time… Read More

Wonderful & Professional Doctor! Dr. Kushnir is an amazing doctor. Both my daughters and I are currently her patients, and we have been for several years now. She’s warm, kind, patient and a loving doctor… Read More

Dr. Kushnir literally gave me back the ability to breathe again. Anyone suffering from extreme allergies understands how distressing the inability to take a deep breath can be… Read More

If you’re having symptoms or you’re having trouble diagnosing a suspected problem. Or if you’ve got that feeling like your doctor is completely detached and uninterested – Start with Nataliya! Read More

Allergy Relief

Immunotherapy at Home

healthy-drops2European method that allows administration of immunotherapy at home. It is safe and very efficient way to significantly reduce or completely eliminate allergy. Drops are made out of the same treatment serum that is used for allergy shots and diluted in glycerin to make solution stable. It works great for children as young as 4 years old and for adults. No systemic reactions (anaphylaxis) has been reported with that treatment which is a huge advantage compared to traditional shots. It takes only one month to build up the top (protective dose) compared to allergy shots when it takes up to 15 month to see the benefit.

Read more about it:
 Sublingual immunotherapy for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma
 Clinical efficacy and immunological mechanisms of sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy in asthmatic/rhinitis children sensitized to house dust mite: an open randomized controlled trial.
 Sublingual immunotherapy for the treatment of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma: a systematic review.

Allergy Shots


  • Fast methods with achievement of top dose (and allergy-free life) as fast as 6 weeks;
  • Individual schedule to fit your lifestyle – we give you most flexibility;
  • No wait in lines to get a shot;
  • Pain-free injection technique.

Allergy shots for out-of-state or traveling patients:

We provide allergy shot services for traveling patients and students;
We can administer shots if your prescription was made by another physician.

alternative-medWe combine modern approach of Western medicine with ancient knowledge of Eastern medicine. Dr Kushnir who is a world expert in functional medicine recommends an individual plan of treatment based on Initial consultation. She is the leader of the team and oversees further treatments such as immunotherapy, acupuncture, herbalistics, cleansing etc.

unique healing approachEvery person is unique. Even the same disease will affect differently each of us. Fundamental knowledge of medicine and sufficient time spent with each patient leads to individual treatment plans which brings amazing results. More

human-bodyImmune system is a guardian of you health and life. It is crucial that all components of immunity are well to stay healthy, live longer and be protected against cancer and infections. Using unique approach mastered in our clinic, we restore immune system balance and heal many chronic conditions and syndromes. More

nutrition-coachFood is the fuel for our body, it has enormous influence on our lives. Most of diseases can be significantly improved or even completely treated with the changes of the diet and medical massage techniques. At our clinic both treatment modalities are provided under direct supervision of our Doctor. More

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